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Transportation & Maritime Law

Ensar Law Firm give legal advise in field of Transportation and Maritime Law. For any information contact with us.

Transportation & Maritime Law

As ENSAR Law Firm, we offer various legal services to our clients in the field of Transportation and Maritime Law. Our Transport Law services cover sea, land and air transport. In the field of Maritime Law; common avarian rescue-aid, towage, shipwreck removal or rescue, marine pollution, environmental damages, cleaning, brassiere, bill of lading, transport, sales and purchase contracts, insurance, ship financing, shipbuilding and registration.

In the field of Transportation and Maritime Law, the main subjects we provide legal support to our clients are:

  • General consultancy in the field of Transport and Maritime Law
  • Cracking and Rescue Aid and dismissal decisions
  • Joint avaria
  • Fuel and Shipmen receivables collection
  • Steverdore responsibilit
  • Enforcement of legal pledge rights Prison Right facility
  • Charterparty contracts
  • Laytime and Demurrage,representation in disputes arising from the calculation of their duration
  • Preparation of Charetparty texts
  • Timecharter conflicts
  • Ship Registration and Leave
  • Marine Morgage transactions Ship,
  • Construction and maritime law contracts
  • Contracts in the field of transportation
  • All kinds of cases and dispute resolution
  • Resolution of legal disputes arising from CM, FCR and Transport Notes
  • Resolution of legal disputes that may arise during the transportation of goods during transportationn
  • Solving legal problems related to international transportation and logistics

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