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Labor & Human Resources Law

ENSAR Law firm  provides legal services in the field of labor law to many local foreign employees legal persons Press, Transportation and Industrial Sectors.

Labor & Human Resources Law

Labor and Human Resources Law consists of Individual and Collective Labor, Unions and Collective Agreements, Occupational Health and Safety, Social Insurance.

ENSAR LAW  provides legal services in the field of business law to many local and foreign employees and / or legal persons, especially the Tourism, Press, Transportation and Industrial Sectors.

In the field of  Labor and Human Resources  Law, the main subjects we provide legal support to our clients are:

  • İş sözleşmeleri, taşeronluk sözleşmeleri, geçici iş ilişkisi ve çalışanların devri konuları başta olmak üzere iş hukuku sözleşmeleri
  • Employment law contracts, especially employment contracts, subcontracting contracts, temporary employment relationship and employee transfer
  • Staff handbook
  • Management of relations with subcontractors and regulation of company regulation
  • Providing legal support for company policies and regulatory compliance
  • Company division and workplace transfer
  • Company merger and privatization
  • Employee management and human resources
  • Foreign employees (work, residence permits, social insurances and tax regulations)
  • Loyalty, confidentiality and non-competition obligations of employees
  • Employee intellectual property rights and inventions
  • Release contracts and collective bargaining agreements
  • Stock option plans
  • Occupational health and Safety
  • Outsourcing
  • Compensation rights and rights packages granted to senior managers
  • Miscellaneous disputes arising from employment contracts, workers’ rights and receivables (eg severance pay, overtime, salary and annual leave), claims for work accidents and
  • employment contracts, primarily CEOs and CFOs.
  • Representation of employees in individual or collective labor cases

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