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Execution and Bankruptcy Law

İcra ve İflas - İşyeri Avukatı

Execution and Bankruptcy Law

Our office, as a creditor or debtor, aims to protect the interests of its clients, who are parties to execution and bankruptcy law  proceedings, through legal services and representation.For this purpose, it uses all the opportunities provided by the law of enforcement and bankruptcy to collect the receivables or to stop the proceedings initiated against the client. We have extensive studies in the executive offices to start all kinds of processes and to carry out the necessary procedures  so that our clients can collect their receivables.

Some of the services that our office provides to our clients within the scope of execution and bankruptcy law regulations;

  • Execution Proceedings Based On Current Account,
    General Loan
  • Agreements And Foreign Exchange
  • Bills Appeal Cancellation Cases
  • Lien
  • Termination of Tender
  • Ration
  • Price
  • Increase
  • Concordat and Bankruptcy
  • Postponement of Bankruptcy
  • Restructuring

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