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Administrative and Tax Law

ENSAR HUKUK provides legal services to its clients with a wide range of knowledge in the field of Administrative and Tax Law,

Administrative and Tax Law

Administrative and Tax Law is an enormous branch of law, which envisages rules regarding the activities and organization of the administration,and regulates the relations of real and legal persons with the administration. In this context, they have close relations with many branches of law, especially Energy, Telecommunications, Public Procurement and Environment legislation.

ENSARLAW provides legal services to its clients with a wide range of knowledge in this field.

In the field of Administrative and Tax Law, the main subjects we provide legal support to our clients are:

  • Concession Contracts and Build-Operate-Transfer Contracts
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP) project
  • Corporate Tax, Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Stamp Tax, Tax applications in Free Zones
  • Double Taxation
  • Tax law problems that may arise within the scope of Foreign Exchange Legislation, Banking Legislation, Foreign Capital Legislation,Capital Market Legislation, Incentive Legislation, Commercial Law, Labor Law and Social Insurance Legislation
  • Income Management Disputes, Corporate Tax, VAT and Cancellation cases related to Administrative Penalties
  • Smuggling and Custom Violations Penalties
  • International and Domestic Tax Planning
  • Tax Restructuring
  • Consultancy Tax Inspection 
  • Transfer pricing
  • Customs Agreements and Reviews
  • Tax risk assessment, tax restructuring and tax planning Before Merger, Acquisition and Sivision
  • Administrative and tax cases

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